2021 Season Information

NOTICE: Wrestling competitions will not begin until February now per the health department’s orders.

For tournament information, go to the League Schedule page.



  • Matcats moved to move forward with the 2021 wrestling season with all tournaments at the Tri City Sports Complex in Auburn, MI.  This will move forward as long as the arena is open and willing to allow us to continue to wrestle as planned.  Midland supported.  Motion carried.
  • Midland moved to allow 2 adults/family to attend the wrestling tournament.  Gladwin supported. Motion carried.
  • Matcats moved to have 2020 NEMWA clubs pay charter of $100 and allow NO new clubs into NEMWA this year.  NEMWA clubs paying the $100 for the season will be called NEMWA Chartered clubs and their kids will pay $20/tournament.  Anyone who is not a part of a NEMWA chartered club can still wrestle and they will pay $30/tournament and must have a current USA wrestling card, this is only if the maximum cap has not been met for the weekend.  We will Keep the door fee the same as always, which is $5/person, $10/family and $3/student.  Farwell supported.  Motion carried.
  • Meridian moved to cap at 500 wrestlers the first week.  If we reach the 500 NEMWA wrestlers and have more NEMWA wrestlers that still want to come in, we will raise the cap limit to accommodate them.  We will allow non chartered NEMWA clubs to wrestle after we have all NEMWA chartered wrestlers registered and only if we have spots left. ALL wrestlers must have current USA cards to be able to wrestle.  Matcats supported  Motion carried
  • Cadillac moved that EVERYONE who is matside, must have a USA wrestling leadership card.  Reed City supported  Motion Carried

We will still use honor weigh-ins (spots checks may be done at first round) and track wrestling just like the past seasons.

Split times will be used, this will be looked into further by the NEMWA board.  This will be done for multiple reasons.

If you are interested in hosting/Co hosting a tournament, you will need to do the following;

  1. Sign up thru Dottie
  2. Pay the cost of approx $5000 (after the tournament on the day of)  cost includes the cost of facility rental, pairers, referees and mats.
  3. Trackwrestling and $1.00/wrestler is on top of the above cost.
  4. You will need to supply everything for hosting except the mats,  this would include, mat tape, table scoreboards, stop watches, table help, awards, etc.
  5. You will receive the profit from all wrestlers ($20 for NEMWA chartered and $30 non chartered) and door fees.
  6. If you co host a tournament, you will  split the profit/cost with the club you are hosting with.
  7. If you need table help, you have to let Dottie know so she can get the message out and help you find help
  8. Tournaments are a first come first serve, and will be week to week following the Covid-19 and facility guidelines and allowance.

You can send your $100 NEMWA charter fee to the NEMWA treasurer at the address below.  If you choose not to pay this, your wrestlers can still wrestle but will have to pay $30 per week to do so.  If your club is paid, you will pay $20 per week to wrestle.  Chartered club wrestlers will also have first option to sign up under trackwrestling and be assured a spot for the weekend, where non chartered clubs will only be allowed to sign up if we have not met the maximum and there are spots left to fill the cap for the weekend and then will be a first come first serve basis.

Bottom Line!  NEMWA is moving forward with the 2021 season on a week by week basis.  Clubs can pay their Club Charter only if you were a NEMWA club within the 2020 season of $100.  This will allow wrestlers to wrestle at $20 per week and assure them a spot within the weekend.  If you are interested in hosting, please let Dottie know ASAP.  The schedule is attached once again.

I hope that this explains things,  please remember that this is for the 2021 season only.  If you have any questions please let me know  The board is still meeting and talking things out and if anything changes I will let you know  Please send your club charter dues to the address below  please note it is different than last year.

Please remember that you need a paid Wrestling Leadership card through USA to be mat side- no exceptions. You must have your card printed and displayed on your person on a lanyard. We will be verifying if questions arise.