Cadillac Wrestling Club

Club President/Coach: Chad Phillips



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Sign-up information will be available in late September.

Why wrestle?

Wrestling is a great sport that develops agility, strength, and mental toughness.  Wrestling is a great sport to build a “base” of athleticism for other sports.  Unlike some sports, a player’s size is not a limitation because there are many weight classes.  It’s also a lot of fun!

When, where, and how much?
Competitive Season– Early December through February.  Ages 7-14 as of December 31st 2018.  Cost is $40. There is an opportunity to wrestle in 7-8 meets.  Recommended for experienced or new wrestlers who are already aggressive.

Novice Season— Mid February to Mid March. Ages 5-12.  Cost is $30.  There is an opportunity to wrestling in 2-3 local meets.  Recommended for wrestlers who want to learn the basics before trying a longer more competitive season.

Wrestlers must either attend CAPS Schools, live in the CAPS district, or get permission from the CWC executive board.

What does my child need for wrestling?

Wrestlers will need wrestling shoes and headgear.  These can be bought at sporting goods stores or online. We recommend Cliff Keen Youth Headgear.    Wrestlers practice in shorts and a t-shirt.  We will be issuing singlets for wrestlers to wear in meets.

Where do we wrestle?

We practice in the Junior High cafeteria from 6-7:30 typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The meets are held in towns usually within an hour’s drive.  Meets usually begin around 9 a.m. on  Saturday mornings and wrap up in the early afternoon.  At this level this is an individual sport, so wrestlers can wrestle in as few meets or as many meets as they want.  The cost to participate in each meet is around $11.  Parents must transport and supervise kids at meets.

The Cadillac Wrestling Club is in NEMWA Division D.