SafeSport Training

SafeSport training takes up to two hours to complete.  Make sure you have created a USA Wrestling Account first and claimed or created your profile.

To complete SafeSport Training, follow these steps:

1.Go to and login.

2. Click on Go to Profiles


3. Expand the profile shown below by clicking on your name.

4. From the expanded profile, take note of your coach’s ID (not club ID number).  Click on Begin SafeSport Certification.  You can also go to this direct link.

5. Click on Add to Bag

6. Click on checkout

7. Click Register

8. Fill in account info.  Use your individual coach’s ID number found in your profile.  Do not use the club ID number.

9. Click Save

10. Click Checkout

11. Click Activate

12. Click Launch Course

13. Begin course using navigating with the Advance botton. Allow about 1.5 hours from this point. When finished, your USA Wrestling Profile should indicate you have completed SafeSport (SS).