Week 6 A&B at Standish Sterling Central


SSC Youth Wrestling
2401 Grover Street Road, Standish

Division A & D

This is a USA wrestling event hosted by NEMWA

Coaches Meeting: 8:45 A.M.

Split Start Times: Age groups 5-10 will begin at 9 a.m.  Age groups 11-14 will start right after the first session (around noon).

Download the Tournament Flyer

Track Wrestling Direct Link

Weigh-in: Home Honor Weigh-ins.  Wrestlers must weigh in wearing a singlet or shorts and a t-shirt.

Team Statisticians enter actual weights from honor weigh-ins into track wrestling before 10 pm on Thursday, February 8th. Parents don’t register wrestlers, the team is responsible for weight entry.

Entry Fee: $13.00 per wrestler. Teams pay for all wrestlers who register for the tournament even if they don’t show up.  Pay as a team at the head table.

Awards: Medals for 1st through 4th place in each weight class

Admission: $5.00 Adult $2.00 Student $10.00 Family

Tournament Director: Broam Datzko (989) 737-8937 or Wade Spyker (989) 233-3203

Weight classes:
37,40,43,46,49,52,55,58,61,64,67,68-77 LT HWT, 77-87 HWT, 88-97 SHWT, 98-107 SSHWT (max 107)
7/8 40,43,46,49,52,55,58,61,64,67,72,77,82-97 LT HWT, 98-112 HWT, 113-127 SHWT, 128-142 SSHWT (max 142)
9/10 51,55,59,63,67,71,75,80,85,90,95,100,110, 111-130 LT HWT, 131-150 HWT, 151-170 SHWT, 171-190

SSHWT (max 190)
11/12 60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100,105,112,119,126,133,134-158 LT HWT, 159-183 HWT, 184-208 SHWT, 209-233               SSHWT (max 233)
13/14 75,80,85,90,95,100,105,110,115,120,125,130,138,155,170, 171-200 LT HWT, 201-230 HWT, 231-260 SHWT,     261-275 SSHWT HWT (max275)

*Age as of December 31st 2023.


  1. Only two coaches per mat, per match. NEMWA ID Badges required to be inside the ropes/on mats
  2. NO TOBACCO, ALCOHOL, DRUGS, or GUNS on school grounds. Any misconduct on school grounds will lead to immediate disqualification from the tournament and/or dismissal from the school.
    3. No sitting or standing along the sides of the mats. Stay seated in the bleachers so everyone can see.

Concessions: Breakfast items, lunch, and snacks will be sold at the concession area


Date Time Season
February 10, 2024 9:00 am 2024


Standish-Sterling Central High School
2401 Grove Street Rd, Standish, MI 48658